Has anyone else been using StockX?

Joined Jul 12, 2013
Anyone ever get shoes returned to them because they said it had manufacture flaws like glue? This is so ridiculous. They even have it on their site that they allow minor flaws to pass through. I'm trying to fight this.. seems like they're using these tactics to squeeze out 15 bucks randomly out of people.
i had them send me back a pair of shoes that are supposed to have yellowed/aged midsoles from Nike. They told me that the shoe midsoles were discolored. :sick:
I ended up relisting the same shoes for $50 more and they sold at that price and passed.

I’ve also had a customer service person from StockX tell me that Nike factory stores ONLY sell B grades. :smh:
Joined Nov 27, 2012
Update, they accepted it. Just in time because I’m about to hit the mall. I wish they would just start accepting boxes without the tops since they accept sneakers without the extra laces.
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