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I love HBOs limited series. Any recommendations?
I seen BoB, Chernobyl, True detective and a few others I can’t remember.
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Yeah let's say its that. Just keep watching :lol:
Edit. Just finished Mare of East Town. Wow.

I tend to veer in the action, light hearted, suspense, comedic realm. That show hit different. It was a roller coaster of life, reality and emotion. Incest. Suicide. Murder. Friendship. Romance. Family. Drug Abuse.

The only other experience I could really relate to it was when I watched This is Us with my ex girlfriend. That show is raw but a heavy handed slap of reality.

Just one more reason why I love HBO Max. I won’t lie. The WB movies are terrible (except for Judas and Black Messiah) but the HBO portfolio makes the service worthwhile.
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Mark Antony

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Yeah Scenes was good, heavy. Wish they didn't do the behind the scenes thing to take you out of it but maybe that was the intent to break the viewers tension and not have them **** up their real relationship.
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