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if there any store links I am missing, just post them and i'll update the list
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At the end, you guys get to decide which is best. I did ask what you guys think are the negatives on both threads and it seemed like no one cared :lol:

Separate threads are fine too but others do prefer a consolidated thread (or are at least more vocal) plus the clothes thread averaged about 2-3 posts a week?

Just an example of how a combined thread is better, if you guys want to post WYW then it helps to just have one thread as it is under the same umbrella instead of maybe posting on both threads because chances are both clothes and shoes are likely designer. So you can go outright discuss the whole fit. And right now, people really are just posting their fits on the shoe thread anyways.

I don't think either thread really gets busy enough where a discussion would get buried or lost.

Again, it's all up to you guys.
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Well played and thank you! Most of us are in both threads anyhow.

Let’s get those fit posts back on here
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Some fit to go with your SLP boots.


That's the best flannel they've came out with. At the store they didn't have my size at the time and when they told me they could order me one I said na. I kick myself every time I think about it. :frown:
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