Joined Aug 4, 2012
not common at all, but they should’ve made those like a permanent item for Virgil.....if I had em I wouldn’t want a restock either :lol:
I've been searching for those LV trainers, they have stopped production on them. Will not be anymore restocks. I checked inventory on their site and had friends and family look in Asia, inventory on their site is completely off.
Joined Jul 21, 2012
Why would LV rerelease them when they’re trying push new models of sneakers? I wanted that wizard of oz varsity but they not reproducing it so I can either look on the secondary market or buy one of the newer style varsity’s.
Joined Apr 28, 2020
Yeah man LV is one of those ones if you see what you love/like just better cop ASAP and probably at full price to get what you want/size on stuff like that.
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