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Both a really good price but the brown pair was a hella steal. I'm in the market for a black leather pair as well. I just wish they dipped down to that $300 range as well. Maybe Neiman Marcus will eventually clearout stock like the past when they had both the black suede and sigaro suede for $300 and even under $300. I think a lot of us in here paid like $250 for the Sigaro chelseas from NM but I can't remember the exact price since it was a while back.
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I got talked out of buying this sweater. My friend told me I'd be foolish to send that much money on a sweater when I don't have my life in order ( People would think it was fake ).

Your friend gave you good advice. Although this is the high end thread...I don't think anyone in here would advise you to spend above your means just to buy a sweater. At the end of the day, it's just a piece of clothing.
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Yeah I copped as well, I paid $281.

I waited for a while for the black leather pair and felt that was as good as I was going to get for a while
That was legit like one of the best deals of the century bro lol. I immediately sold my brand new Common Projects chelseas as soon as I got those and the profit I made from those CP paid for the Saint Laurent completely.
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I swear NM/BG changed their price matching policy after that lol. Luckily I was able to snag the deal from BG before.
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impulse buying high end clothing items definitely not a good idea

Especially those dated Givenchy pieces (IMO)
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It was from Neiman Marcus and I just checked my email receipt that it was from August, 2017. They’ve been long sold out at that price of $281.

I actually complained to NM as well because they calculated the duties on my pair incorrectly. They credited me back since I complained and I ended up paying around $250 all in.
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there was a wool $600 grey teddy on barneys. I scooped that asap. last size. Im not even supposed to be spending but this was an early bday gift.

Scooped up the all leather teddy as well on END on sale :pimp: . Thats it for me and Teddys
Are you from the US and if so did you get hit with customs duty?
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Just pulled the trigger on a stone island burgundy bomber from ubiq I'e been eyeing. Sized up. Hopefully it fits. First stone island piece.
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