Joined May 22, 2005
Think I want to finally get a teddy jacket now.... How low you guys think I can scoop it at? Right now Theyre $1500 on sale?
Joined Jul 8, 2013
Need a reco for a “timeless “jacket around the 1,500 price. Anything more i’ll probably just cop the celine teddy bud price is steep.

I currently have a slp teddy and craig green quilted jacket . open for suggestions .
Joined Dec 13, 2004
depends is you can fit it in your style but denim jackets kind of my go to, more than teddy because it doesnt get that cold around here

id also suggest a good biker jacket, a designer one might be harder to find but something like a lewis leathers would suffice

outside of a formal coat or something for below zero temps, i think that pretty much covers the mist haves
Joined Nov 4, 2013
Tbh the question is pretty hard to answer since no background on what is current closet like, temperature of where you live, etc. Preowned MMM 5 zip (or if you can find it on sale) is a pretty good fit in most wardrobes though.
Joined Jul 8, 2013
Honestly, i’m open to anything probably something that would be good with the temp hits around 40-50 i don’t really know what i want i just wanna cop a jacket. :lol:
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