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Chea! Norcal (Sacramento) to the H-town (Galleria area)....finishline specialist galleria mall...Lookin to meet some girls with similar taste and the looks ofForgot about Jayz AVY.....
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On the east side around the corner from Active Athlete where i gets all my kicks from
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Yeah the one on federal i live in woodforest but i just got home from school so i havent been there in a while so that wasnt me you saw. I wish this Active waslike the one on cullen cuz they get a whole lot more of the exclusives
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Naw, I only asked because I thought you were out there. Mad people were cussing and yelling at me cause I was first in line for the Strap Bred I's. Andwhen the doors finally opened some tall dude just skipped me and went inside the store, but when he came back out he handed me $20 bucks.
So I was coolwith it, because he wore a 13 and I just needed my 9.5 and get out.

I don't plan on going to any Active Athlete unless I got no other option, because I don't stay near one.
East side is too damn far.
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Anyone know about a T-mobile Hookup,

gonna cancel 3 lines. Thats gonna put me back $600

Appreciated it
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anybdy knows a store that still has the blue griffey ... lookin for a sz 11 or 11.5
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Our homie KO with Snkrbox and PRPLMNT will be at Kixpo 2009 Doing live lasering. Hit up KO before Kixpo to get a quote and find out more details. His work getsthe Deadstock official stamp of approval. Bring your design on a thunb drive in either ai. or eps. format.

Check the myspace page for more pics www.myspace.com/thesnkrbox

(word is he is doing the official Kixpo 2009 Dunk Hi)
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