HUARACHE LE RETRO 30th anniversary release this year???

Joined Aug 12, 2016
Reds have definitely grown on me a little…. I’d scoop on deep discount.
I’ll definitely grab another pair when the discounts roll in. Still don’t understand the weirdness with this Red Oxide release and why only Champs has them in a FSR.
Joined Nov 5, 2003
Any word on the Liverpool joints yet? Any overseas brethren seen anything?
Up on SNKRS-JP for Nov. 30th release although I am not really interested in them. (Personally, I love Liverpool FC tho.) Just hoping for Pralines to be discounted eventually since they are sitting (except 11.5 & 12.5) after released on SNKRS yesterday…
Joined Jan 2, 2002
Got the wifey and myself the Triple blacks for 25% off and also used a $10 off coupon I had. I wanted them every since they came out but I was waiting for that discount to hit. Glad I did, quality is really good on the triple blacks.
Joined Dec 3, 2006
Huarache light pair is pretty nice. Might have to check back for those when they hit discount.
Joined Nov 5, 2003
Any women’s huaraches on sale particularly triple whites or magentas? Gonna gift these to my mom for Christmas. She said she wanted something casual that’s super soft and light, and I knew the perfect shoe for her.
I wonder why NDC in US doesn’t have em since Nike-JP has almost FSR at around $80 now… Did you check NDC?
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