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so long story short,
I have been down on my luck and desperately searching for jobs all over indeed and linkedin, so apparently this dude jacks my email and phone number off of indeed and texts me saying
“ this is a reply to your application to be a personal assistant for me, I have a ton of applications and I’ll need time to review them” , I was like Ight, I applied to so many applications I lost track of who.

So the next day “ apparently this asshat completed the interview for all those applicants in a day by just text messages” and he says “ I have chosen you to be my personal assistant “ your pay will be 500 a week, and other expenses to cover my business needs throughout the week” I was like Ight whatever because I need the money badly
( my dad who’s disabled so he can’t work, wife, and 3 year old step son who I solely support )
So I was desperate, a few hours later I get this email:

Hello once again Mohammad Zainuddin , Like i promised, please be informed that a payment of $2340.00 has be issued in your name by a client of mine via FEDEX and sent to the address that you provided and will be delivered in the morning. The tracking number for the package is 7733********* . Track it from time to time and schedule yourself to be available for the delivery.. Once you received the check go ahead to deposit it at your bank or via ATM and you can also make the deposit through your Mobile application if you have any.

The payment takes 24 hours to clear at your bank. Once cleared, deduct $500 out of your wages for the first week, an extra $40 for postage stamps for some mails you'll be dispatching for me next week., You will need to pay my supplier's bill as well once I received my updated outstanding bill. I'll let you know what items you'll be buying with the remaining balance of $1800
All the shopping you'll be doing will be done locally. You would be sending out letters with my official seal which I intend sending to prospective clients of mine in the States next week. I'm still composing the body of the mail you'll be sending. Once I'm done composing it, I'll send to you as an attachment together with the names and addresses of these clients so that you can print them out, address it to each person individually and dispatch it.

Find out purchase price of an HP printer(Black & White)at any nearby store and keep me posted. All things being equal, I should be in the states by 2nd week in next month. I anticipate meeting you in person then. Kindly confirm that you understand what you need to do as soon as the payment get delivered. I hope to be having a sound working relationship with you. Kindly confirm to me that you got this text and its well understood.

Thank you,
Ruben Diaz”

That entire thing sounded so shady so I showed my wife and my boy and they both said it’s a scam, I searched google and reading a lot of stories about the same scam

My question is this NT brethren;

Can he do anything with my address my name or telephone number or email like steal my id or some ****?
Also, can I jack this a holes check and steal his money?

I need advice on what to do?
The good in me wants to reject delivery and tell him **** off with his scamming bull****

The bad in me wants to jack his money because I’m desperate and tell him **** off that way



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The check will bounce bro lol
There’s no stealing “his” money
It’s a scam.
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Did you read what I typed?
I just read it now :lol:

No, he can’t steal your identity with the info he has. At most he can only spam you. Just block all his **** from now on and change your email password to be safe.
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Why not put the money in the bank
Leave it
And don’t take it out for a few days
To make sure it doesn’t bounce or whatever
Or just email the guy telling him it concerns
Instead of us
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Can he steal my identity with the info he has?
What info did you give him?

Obviously your address, name and phone number. But you didn’t give him your SSN, drivers license, etc did you?

You should have known the **** was stupid when dude had interviews over text messages b.

Cmon son...
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It’s a scam. You should be good as long as he doesn’t have your DOB, SSN, DL.

If you’re having a hard time with finding a job...then go out and hustle (work for yourself). I’m sure you have some kind of talent you can make money for yourself; if not, make something happen!

Times like this can bring the best out of you...

Hopes everything works out for you fam!
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Yea, OP is acting like he was born in the 50s and this is his first exposure to the internet.

Not sure how folks are still getting got by Nigerians
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Yea, OP is acting like he was born in the 50s and this is his first exposure to the internet.

Not sure how folks are still getting got by Nigerians
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Wow. This is the oldest scam in the book. As long as you didn't give him your social and dob, and most likely even so, you're fine. Where do you live? CHeck out ziprecruiter.com and indeed.com for lots of job listings anywhere. IF you have a car, you can get right into something like UBer, Lyft, Postmates, Doordash, Shipt, etc. right away and be making money in like an hour. Places like Walmart, UPS, FedEx (get on as a driver, in Oklahoma they start at 17+), food services, etc always hiring.

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they still doing this old *** trick i got hit with this same scam years ago but didn't fall for it. :lol:

Basically you going to cash the check and its going to bounce and he is going to try to get the money from you. So basically you done took out your own $500 and he going to ask for the rest back claiming he sent you too much.

OP im sure you got a car why won't you start ubering?

John Wick

formerly jayzonmytoes
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Yea, OP is acting like he was born in the 50s and this is his first exposure to the internet.

Not sure how folks are still getting got by Nigerians
they got my boy for a TV.

Dude was shopping for TVs on amazon and i guess he got a phising email that looked like an amazon email with the tv he been searching for. So he clicks the link in the email and cops the tv but the payment they asked dude to send a money order to some crazy address.

Dude comes to my house all happy saying he just copped a bomb *** tv and i said you lying. He showed me the transaction and i started :lol: im like fool amazon does not ask you to send a money order for payment :rofl:

Tv never came and dude was out of $800 ended up getting pissed and went to RAC and got a smaller tv paying like $30 a week or some **** :rofl:
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