Joined Apr 28, 2004
steve, how come you guys kept deleting the "NAPSIZE.COM IS UP!" thread. i saw someone post it like 3 times. everytime it disappeared.
Joined Mar 30, 2004
No matter how long they might be, I always, always enjoy reading Method Man's posts.
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Haven't been to Jordan Brand Forum for ages, and this is one crazy post. It's like a history book
. I hope everyone who put their shoes on consignment on ISS gets their money!
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dam. a curious ISSer asked about why ISS was being recently slandered on ISS MODS were quick to dismiss the question as a repost. notice how a MOD sees the post, and claims repost, but when I spit facts the post gets locked. seems a little fishy.

pretty slick, jvini |I

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Quote:[hr][/hr]6 weeks for a check to clear is BS no matter what you say.[hr][/hr]
that's down to the bank. it's a US currency cheque being deposited into an australian bank account. it's nothing to do with ISS.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]I was here when Steve wanted to take over Niketalk and host it on his server.[hr][/hr]
I haven't been here long enough to see that happen, but just imagine if it had. Do you think anyone would have known about what's going on at ISS, furthermore I wonder if GTR290 and others would still be waiting for their money.
Its a good thing I never used ISS's consignment program (and never will) because after the first month of not getting my $, you better believe I'd sue.
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Hi everyone,

I've received the second check. And if there is no more delay (as ISS claimed), then I should be receiving the rest of checks by the end of September. Will keep you update...


PS. Have other consignees received theirs yet??
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No one can say NT doesn't make a difference... :wow:

Congrats on getting YOUR money "GTR290", finally...
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