Joey Bada$$ 1999 mixtape

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Still bumping this...
This review was actually spot on and pretty fair IMO. Great points raised about people who hate on the Pro Era throwback/boom-bap sound.
he basically said, if you're gonna do da old school, it better be done well, and these guys have done a great job puttin on for that old school

east coast gritty signature sound that alot of our rappers are scared to re-visit.
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Glad you gave him another chance, but what about him made you hate him?
Off the 1st listen I hated the flow. That video "Waves" was what made me listen cuz the video was cool.

I didn't wanna listen the 2nd time but something made me say "he can't be as bad as I first thought".. And I was right :smokin
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I like the diss. Lil b needs to be called out. He's garbage.

Beef over? lol
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Joey spit some fiyah over "Boom". That kid over Premier is a problem.

Still no Dirty version of Unorthodox out yet right?

Joey shouldn't have even wasted his time responding to someone like Lil' B!
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