Jordan 1 High Black Toe Reimagined - Now Possibly 2024

Aug 10, 2012
According to this video, the man speculates there's going to be a Reimagined retro releasing during the next holiday season despite him not having any confirmation or details yet. Skim to the end of this video to peep what he said about it.

Please contribute to this thread with posts relevant to this upcoming release. Details and information always welcomed.
Dec 13, 2016
I know they OD on Thirteens but that’s one silhouette I LOVE and find so attractive

Until I get them in hand and they squeak, have misaligned ankle support that pokes me, flat bottoms, stiff plastic toe box…

Basically I would just love a new mold for the Thirteens
May 2, 2022
God I hope ita black toes. I sold my 2016 pair like a idiot during the last dance hype. Rocked em I know 100 times and still got 400 for em lol regretted it since
Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012
Maybe we'll get pre aged Columbia 11s. The patent leather will be yellowed and as soon as you walk a few steps the midsole will seperate. :lol:

Got the next collab idea boissss.

Man don't even joke about this one lol. I'm ready for the Columbia's. They can reimagine something else I don't need a new pair of yet.

Please stop putting this foolishness into the universe.

If the Columbia XI does release next year as the annual December Jordan XI, it appears as those will be spared from the played out reimagined gimmick because these 1 High Black Toe are now rumored to be reimagined for the holiday 2023 season.

My guess royal blue 1s or military 4s

Close enough. But the Jordan 1 High Royal Reimagined is rumored for late 2024.

And there's an individual thread for them as well...

No deets or confirmation.. why does this thread exist?

Hopefully, this appeases you now that there's some valid speculation with the model slated for the reimagined treatment for late next year. Might as well create a thread if there's a little speculation at least because valid details eventually surface with the cycle of every future release.

Still have a DS pair from the 2016 release. JB needs to stop with the foolishness and release the White/Red 12's with no gimmicks and the same shade of red from the OG release. The 2009 retro was criminal.

I feel so dumb years later for not paying attention and trying to acquire that 2016 version you're referring to. I ended up getting authentic throwback jerseys from Jordan's rookie year in the last two years that could have been worn with them.
Sep 10, 2022
I don’t think the lost and found faux aging would look as good on a black toe. It worked on the unions but that was a different kind of aging to the lost and found chicagos.

I know this only a mock-up but I’d be disappointed if what we got was similar to this:

I’d just like to see a black tongue black toe with a bigger swoosh. An 85 cut would be nice but I feel like I’m asking for too much.
Jun 23, 2016
So, are you guys gonna spend the first 50 pages whining about the aged look again? Lol
If people really hate these than they need to vote with their wallet.

But instead on release week we'll see the same people:

Hit on SNKRS early access, wifey snagged a second pair for me on her account too. My local plug got me a 3rd and 4th pair to put on ice. I'll try again on Saturday with my alternate account to get a pair for my wife's boyfriend too.
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