Jordan 1 x Nike SB QS!!!!

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Stupid app gave me access to the ny to Paris after I bought it via a shock drop (&the blk/red iv) already ... stupid as hell.

I should’ve have no acces in general
Or access to complete my set with the la’s
Access too by to Paris again is a piss off... that’s also like the 4th/5th time snkrs dropped em
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How does the Contours hold up in its og colorway? Thinking bout NYC to Paris but I want them to stay in Light Bone cw as I already have Crimson Tints and one pink sneakers are more than enough for me
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Damn, access was so glitchy for me. Was on right away and was having issues with the payment going through. By the time, it was resolved, only big sizes left.
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shoutout to everyone that got the La to Chi restock.. figured I would share this again on this beloved restock day lol

Appreciate this tutorial on how to remove the paint. Your pair came out crazy, Excellent execution all the way around. Def scooping up a pair today...I didn’t realize resell wasn’t too crazy in my size. I struck out EVERYWHERE.
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Honestly contemplating on buying a pair, but these are pretty overpriced now. 700 for shoes that I may mess up when taking off the paint. Idk man. I guess the thing that appeals to me is the black bottom and stitching when they're chicagos. May just wait for the real deal next year at all star game supposedly
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