Jordan 5 Ice Sculpture

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Morning NT, I wanted to share something that my now wife surprised me with on our wedding day which was on March 4, 2017. Just got back from our honeymoon (Aruba) about 2 weeks ago and trying to settle in to our new lives and get back into the swing of things.

On the day of our wedding as we were taking pics before our reception, the ice sculpture arrived without me seeing it and when we were done I was so surprised! Can't thank my wife enough for thinking of me and getting an ice sculpture of my favourite Jordan and the first pair I bought with my own money in 1990, obviously without the 23 on the side. She added the 23 as a nice touch knowing that the OG pair I bought and like didn't have the 23, but no complaints here. I think they did a great job! I unfortunately didn't have my phone or camera on me so these pics are from friends and family and hope to post pics my photographer took soon. In the meantime enjoy guys.

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