Jordan III “Animal Pack” 2020


Joined Oct 19, 2016
Good to see those of us who wanted them got them. Hoping that there aren't any cancellations.
Joined Feb 17, 2019
Man, I been striking out taking consecutive Ls on SNKRS since the Travis 6s dropped in September. Tried numerous payment methods since then and no Ws.

So this pair is when the fun begins. At 7:00 pst I log off then log back on. Submit my order with 2 day ship and PayPal. Stuck on pending. Then after 2 min, it switches back to $225 as if I had never submitted although I get a paypal email smh. So I decided click my size again and submit w/ paypal but this time without 2 day ship. Receive another paypal confirmation instantly but like clockwork it goes from pending to $225.

I'm like wtf (again) lol. At this point it's like 7:08, I still see sizes, "pending" is gone and I'm thinking this one's gonna be an L. I thought PayPal was the way to go?!

So I delete my linked PayPal and re-link it to my snkrs account. At 7:10, surprised to still see a fsr on the app, I submit my order a 3rd time and at 7:11....
Joined Apr 9, 2017
Like everyone else, I hit. Kinda hopping resale flops on these like the SS6s and I can buy on stockx under retail and return my snkrs pair.
Joined Jul 29, 2012
I wonder if these will be available tomorrow, and havent bought pair of 3s since the 03 cements. do they still run tts
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