Jordan "MTM Pack" 1 & 29 - June 26th - $700 Retail?

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Interesting price and pack.  Thoughts?

Jordan 1 & Jordan 29. 


June 13th release date @ Nikelab Paris 

June 26th release date @ Jordan Retailers

Per J23App:

The two-pair MTM release, $700, will be available June 13 at Nike Lab P75 in Paris and June 26 at select Jordan retailers.
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Uh oh, no chance here. looks nice though! Good luck to those who wants them.
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What do you give to the man who has everything — no, really, everything, including a bowling alley in his house? Nike has an answer that’s hard to top: When President Obama visited the company’s world headquarters in Beaverton, Ore., earlier this month, he was the first person on Earth to receive the soon-to-be-released MTM, a new two-pair pack Nike is releasing in June in celebration of 30 years of Air Jordan. MTM is named for the three men who designed the two pairs in collaboration: Nike C.E.O. Mark Parker and designer Tinker Hatfield and, of course, Michael Jordan himself. “The MTM is a great way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan franchise,” Jordan says of the collaboration. “It was a lot of fun to work with Tinker Hatfield and Mark Parker on reimagining two of the best shoes we have ever created.”

The MTM bookends the history of the world’s most recognizable sneaker: It contains a pair of Air Jordan I, the silhouette first released in 1985, and a pair of Air Jordan XX9, the most recent model released last fall. The Jordan I shoes have been updated with FlyWeave construction in black and gray, while the XX9s have been reimagined in sleek black leather. “Tinker and I had been talking for some time about doing a Jordan project together and there wasn’t a more powerful way to do it than by working with Michael himself,” Parker says. “We’re already working on the next MTM project, which will push Jordan to a new place.” A pair to complement Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit tee, perhaps?

The two-pair MTM release, $700, will be available June 13 at Nike Lab P75 in Paris and June 26 at and select Jordan retailers.

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:lol: I wonder just how far they will take these already ridiculous prices to.

I wonder if there will come a point when they price out the average consumer to where it'll affect their business practices.

Whatever. They crazy. You crazy for buying it.
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Add a few more hundreds and you could just pick up the original defining moments package. No need to fall for this
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The 1 looks cool and I like the concept of the pack, would never rock the leather 29 though. 700 is way out of reach though. 
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the ones are horrible, shoulda known once they took hiroshi and put mike on it that this would be pure basura.

these prices are hilarious though, and they are pushing it but idiots will buy every saturday then sell last weeks release to cop the newest hyped up trash.
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I realllly like those 1s because I like the flightweave tech since it's an advanced version of flyknit. I'm actually considering going for this pack considering 1s are miserable to try to get after market. Shout out to deployment money. :/ I don't know though. On the other hand I don't wanna be apart of JB's pricing test project. 

-Joe, a low post count unknown. 
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