Jordan VI PSG

Joined Dec 7, 2018
Now for the long wait from Stockx :/

I want to rock these so bad but will wait until I have my second pair in hand. I might like these even more than the Bordeaux 7, which is amazing cause Bordeaux’s are incredible.
Joined Oct 16, 2017
Anybody use Scotchgard suede and nubuck protector on these or their infrareds (or other shoes like the black/red IV’s, etc)??

My psg’s have a very tiny nick in the front from Nike so if they do become a little darker it might hide it a little, but does anybody weather treat their sneakers?/think it would be a good idea on these? Or use a better product?
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still waiting on my PDB pair to get delivered. seems like today is the day if USPS doesn't delay it further. ordered on July 27th, def a long wait from Germany!
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Buy another pair from Nike a return to outlet the pair with the busted box. Someone else will get lucky on the hash wall. Win/win
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