Legit Check On Space Jams, Please

Joined Feb 7, 2010

I was able to take some time to look at some real vs fake guides and came to the conclusion that both are fugazi

I’m lost on these and it kind of makes me wanna day screw and just get concords this year and be done with it

Anyone else?
Joined Oct 6, 2016
Real/fake guides are no different than in here. Opinions. Especially on youtube. Lots of clowns on there. The first pair was easy imo. The second pair I had to look a little harder with those small peaks and all. I know just as much as the next guy. I base most of my opinions on what myself has and others have posted pics of. I agree though, if its too much of a hassle then move on. See ya at the Concord release...:D
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