Live from Area51

Joined Jul 1, 2016
Horrible sn to mentality toward the subject ratio
:lol: I appreciate their sentiments, just find their method flawed.

I didn't think they'd follow through with this :rofl:
oh I had total faith this was popping off, the Internet made people riot over nugget sauce and spend a week debating the color of a dress.

Surprised these dudes haven’t been hit with rubber bullets and the hose :lol:
ain't even noon yet, be patient.
Joined Jul 1, 2016
Says the man that went to a Astrology Convention and caused so much trouble that he was deported from an entire country............

But nah, how should they have went about things?

I come in Cosmic Peace
I like your exaggeration so much I won't even deny it.

yeah tho, any way that doesn't involve storming an active American military base unarmed might have been better.

Wait WHAT?! :lol:

cosmiccoffee9 cosmiccoffee9 that happened?
about 43 percent accurate, but 100 percent entertaining.
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