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I never see posted / quoted tweets when browsing NT from my phone ...

Each and every tweet just shows a clickable hyperlink "Loading tweet..." ...

When I click the link it goes blank ...

Helps ...

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Embedded content works similarly to a hotlinked image. If you post a picture from a third party image hosting site, like imgur, and they decide to prohibit or discourage hotlinking, that image may not show up correctly on NikeTalk.

When you embed a Twitter link in a NikeTalk post, the content is fetched from Twitter - so if they have a service outage or a policy change, the content may not render properly.

For example: is your browser currently set to block all cookies? Recently, it seems, Twitter made some change that requires their cookies to load (if only temporarily) in order for their content to properly appear.

If the "" cookie is blocked, for example, the embedded content won't load.

I realize that not everyone will want to allow those cookies through, but they might still want to access the direct links instead. Right now, if the embedded content isn't loading correctly, the link won't work either.

Later this year, we intend to update our post editor, which will, among other improvements, create a separate, stable link for all embedded content.
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