MARVEL C U Thread -* we love you 3000 STAN LEE* - Black Widow TEASER

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I’m watching expanding the universe, Darcy Monica rambeau and jimmy woo are in wandavision? What?


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How are people watching Disney+? Is there an app?

Edit: Finally found it on App Store. Wouldn’t come up during search I had to find a link to go directly to it.
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Peeped that scene, glad it was left out, they had no chemistry whatsoever and felt really forced....cringed at the “love you 3000” reference
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Checked the scene.. went too long and was poorly done..

should have been quick hits and quick hits like his interactions with the younger version, spidey and like what thanos and Hawkeye had there

have her say “hey dad”.. “you did it”.. “I’ll never forget you”.. then have them one up each other on the ‘I love you’ scale to each, again
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Would have liked the Avengers bantering deleted scene to be included and loved that Tony was kinda tense/Angry asking Strange if its the 1 they won.

And hell yeah Hannah Baker scene deserved to be not included.
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I think the scene should have been included just done better, since we saw the other 2 guys who used the soul stone go there

I think it could have hit harder than the recording/voice over.. but obviously that was done great and made the other scene kinda unnecessary, but I think it could have been a substitute for it.. so you have him and his daughter be his first embrace and then spidey and everyone else
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The animation on What-If looks so good.

Disney listened and realized their animation department for their Marvel properties were trash lol
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Peeped that scene, glad it was left out, they had no chemistry whatsoever and felt really forced....cringed at the “love you 3000” reference
yah. they should have did little morgan. and the way he said i love you 3000 right there was def weird lol
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First thing watched on Disney+ was X-MEN TAS episode “the final decision”.

“Did you think that I would let you die alone Xavier?” Mags :pimp:

Wolverine giving those sentinels that work. Then Gambit coming for the assist:pimp:
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AVENGERS: ENDGAME Directors Joe & Anthony Russo To Produce New Marvel Vs. DC Docu-Series SLUGFEST

In a surprising announcement, the video platform Quibi has greenlit Slugfest, a new documentary series executive produced by Anthony Russo and Joseph Russo with Don Argott and Sheena M. Joyce attached to direct.

Inspired by the book Slugfest: Inside the Epic, 50-year Battle Between Marvel and DCS, the planned docu-series will “reflect on the symbiotic relationship between DC and Marvel, whose rivalry pushed the medium to its greatest heights.”

While exact details on which events they will explore are still largely under wraps, it has been noted that they’ll be looking at 1976’s monumental Superman vs. Spider-Man comic.
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