MARVEL C U Thread -* we love you 3000 STAN LEE* - RIP Boseman - TF&WS premieres 03/19

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Why you say that?

I started episode one last weekend and was quickly zoned out.

Do they change from that format or is the whole thing on some I Love Lucy?
Kinda sorta, it’s going to be different eras of TV shows in the bubble. Everything is normal outside the bubble. You can tell the writers had a good idea how people(mostly the internet and hardcore comic fans) would react to it, coming up with theories and trying to figure out what’s going on. Especially, the most recent episode, titled “Breaking the 4th Wall”(it’s like a quadruple entandre :lol:). The ending was pointing directly at us. I almost think they’re looking at forums, changing things on the fly.
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Waiting to binge wanda vision

Not a fan of the weekly format.
I binged watched the first 5, SB weekend, now I'm watching weekly.

Like tr1ll tr1ll mentioned, It's much more enjoyable in a weekly format for Marvel productions.
You get to truly appreciate the work they have done & the conversations you have about it with people on a weekly basis.

So when Falcon & Loki go live, Ill be watching Day 1.

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Because they can’t tell Tom Holland anything. :lol:
I still think that every time he leaked something outside of the first time he did it was straight marketing. Him and Ruffalo. They slipped up once and marketing was like keep going.
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