MARVEL CINEMATIC MULTIVERSE Thread -*RIP STAN LEE & Boseman* -Phase 4- Shang-Chi Out Now

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Externals may be the best shot Marvel film but I don’t have much excitement for it. I wasn’t excited for Shang Chi and was surprised so I’m hoping the sale will happen.
The action looks ok and the CGI villains look bland.

I’m mostly interested in it as a further exploration into the cosmic side of things. Celestials :evil:
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If they’re willing to create all this fluff content for D+ now then imagine the amount of legit content they’ll be able to make once they finally crack into the X/mutant properties.

X-Force, X-Factor, Hellions, Marauders, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Alpha Flight, Excalibur, Hellfire Club, the Shi’ar, the Starjammers, Moira Mactaggert, Mojo World, etc.

There’s a TON to work with - I just hope fatigue and burnout doesn’t set in before we finally get what we’ve all been waiting for.
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how they was going make a civil war without ironman?
I guess have Ross be way more of the villain.

Probably have Tony be the one that gets injured by Vision and I guess have Rhodey leading the sign the Sokovian Accords side?

The ENTIRE 3rd act would have to be reworked though.

I dunno maybe have BP be the angry one trying to kill Bucky even though BP vs. Cap isn't Civil War at all.
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