Messing with the next Man's girl : I want info from some of you Side dudes and Dirty Macks

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Back in the Middle Ages (like 800 B.C.) you had Kings hoarding all the women. The way these guys lived back then, fools like Dan Bilzerian appear incompetent. Like, you'd have 1 guy living in a castle with damn near a thousand women of child bearing age.

But anyways the rest of the guys lived in grass hut, and if he was lucky maybe he had his own Cave and women would flock there cause a Cave atleast was rainproof and offered better insulation in Wintertime compared to the grass hut.

Well naturally, the dudes in the grass huts startted getting pissed. Obviously they werent gonna try to knock off a King, but they could easily run up in someones cave knock him over the head with a club and take whatever women he had.

So the Cave dudes held a meeting discussing methods they could prevent themselves from getting attacked. They decided to create religion and the concept of an "afterlife", the idea that although you could get away with crimes in present life, you'd have to pay for it later...keep in mind Police didnt even exist. If you got attacked you couldnt just call 911 like in todays society. Prisons and jails exist, but u could easily beat a case since there was no real evidence to speak of. No fingerprints or DNA. Thats why its hilarious when u read all these books. Doesnt matter if its the Bible, Q'uarn or the Torah, they all got some goofy variation of the 10 commandments to instill the "Fear of God" into people. But its 2021, everybody and their momma got a cell phone. Even people in the hood are installing Ring Doorbells in their house. Religion BEEN obsolete for many years, bruh.
so what does this say about women?
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Help me process this please.

How many floors was this apartment?

23rd floor and there’s a courtyard in the center of the condo complex so there’s a long balcony/hallway in front of the apartment for each floor. So if you’re going to enter there’s the front door and a window to the left of the door, the window is where her room is. Similar set up to this except an actual door and window and not those glass doors:

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Never me, that I have known of.

Had a homeboy who was killing off of this back in like 06. So this is like barely high speed internet era and predates social media and all life encompassing cell phones, we were probably using flip phones just to make phone calls back then still. All white women, more of a quantity over quality guy. He would always call me and want to use my car or my apartment or use my in his lie to take these escapades. Ironically, fam was meeting those low grade white women who love black men, on Blackplanet. Some would just webcam (I dont even remember what the platform to do live video chat was back then, certainly not facetime or google duo), some would come to him, some would fly/drive him out and do it, then he got into the **** thing, had dudes letting him plow their wife while they watched from the corner and touched themselves or videod in from the next room over. I was like bruh you're going to get yourself killed. He's married now, moved to NC and coaches a big time prep team, they're married and appear to be happy. I'm sure he's still out there though probably heavy if he really has as much money as appears. He used to always want to run a train on chicks too. I was still a virgin entirely, low key, but that **** is gay to me. I'd be like I'm good fam, you just go. Tell her I appreciate it though

I grew up around the Army. The stereotype that infedility is rampant in the Military is 1000% true. Women would even talk about it openly. Had 2 Sergeants, an E6 that I worked with in Communications and E5 who was basically Supply. We probably had about 10 females in our Battalion, some CIV, some MIL, and up through the brigade we moved into a new 4 story building, maybe 20 women total. When I tell you it was a blowout, these 2 ****** was literally plowing like 16, and yes they're both married. The 1st SGT at the Brigade level was hitting too, he said that was why he finally put his retirement papers in. He said he was getting too wreckless for even his own approval. But bruh I worked with, we had an office that was just an open space with 2 closets in the corner on one side, he took one and made it his own, Sgt St****** (I'm sure shes married and her name is diff now) would legit come down and they'd go in there and do their thing and come out all sweaty and she'd go upstairs then he'd start roasting her tombout her ***** smell like hotdog water and febreeze his office. She was from Trinidad. It was a Jamican jawn who was messing with my SGT too, even went to the ball with her man while he went with his wife and he said she was touching his **** under the table with her feet and ****, she seemed legit nympho status not just like how women say they are horny like men but really arent, plus she was crazy almost like maybe she wanted to make him get caught idk, One day we were switching her PC out, me and the other SGTs so like 4 dudes around 1 female in the office alone and she busts out, "I'm a Christian woman, but I know my way around a ****," or something to that regard and I was offended. Like i wanted to call HR, you can't say that to me, to us. We're 4 grown *** men alone with you right now in this remote, small office. It's disrespectful. Then one day she all of the suddens transfers over to another unit on base and ghosts everybody, we looking on facebook one day and see she has a new name, some new Pastor came over from some other state (often when that's the case they're disgraced but that's another discussion) and wifed her and now she's First Lady Ch******* on facebook posting Bible verses and testimony and she's on the black church hand fans and bus stop benches next to duke with her hand out like every black church poster. Fam just moved in from whereever and copped, didn't check the Carfax or nothing. I know she puttin it down on the maritals though, but he's probably still sharing more than just the word with his congregation

My little nephew do numbers too. He had a side baby in 2020 and a main baby, first he was denying it but she looks 107% like him, she look more like himself than he do. Then he switched to some she raped me talk, nobody even asks him about it anymore.

TLDR: not me but I seent it

I guess I remember that time duke thought I was messing with his girl over that free couch and him searching 9 month old cell phone records. Idk how that situation ever resolved itself but that alone is why I don't. ****** is crazy over that ****.
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Didn’t care much in my younger days. Now there’s no reason for me to go after women who are taken. It’s wayyy too many available women out here who are with the ****s and don’t require much to maintain the interaction.

To each his own though.
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Everybody who got a woman and trust her, post her ig or phone # on here so one of us can test her and see what happens
how you gone say this... and not put your girl number first???

Real question.... have any of y’all ever slept with your friends mom, girls mom, or like one of your mother friends, or an ex of your dad?

I was ALWAYS interested in older women as a kid. I wanted my uncles gf and my mission was to always knock down one of my moms homegirls when I got older :lol: :lol:
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Get rich enuff where ur wife dont have to work

If you notice, alotta rich dudes will hook up their wives with vanity businesses that dont really make any money. Boutiques, Cafes, Bakeries etc. After expenses they might clear $5k in profit the whole year. But its worth it cause it gives the wife something to do, and most of the customers are female so they dont have to worry about competition...
You getting this from the Sopranos? :lol:
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Funny delivery but I don't think the "work husband" thing is too far fetched.

It happens, not sure if you can say PROBABLY, but yea it definitely happens.
Son, its definitely a probably. Shiiit, I would say likely.
Its a cold world out there...
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how you gone say this... and not put your girl number first???

Real question.... have any of y’all ever slept with your friends mom, girls mom, or like one of your mother friends, or an ex of your dad?

I was ALWAYS interested in older women as a kid. I wanted my uncles gf and my mission was to always knock down one of my moms homegirls when I got older :lol: :lol:
SC mixxxedremi 4054505747 me and mine bulletproof breh. snapchat
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Honestly, don't care about married, but kids I can't do. Had this baddie that wanted it when I used to work at Nordstroms back in the day. She hit me up laaaate one night after the club with her girls, she was a little older than me too, like late 20s or something. Couldn't do it man, she had a husband and kids.
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Nowadays at 33. I don’t need that smoke. No need to stress myself out as well.

Back in the day though I’m guilty. I knew about dude but she was feeling me too much and made it easy. She lived on the first floor with her girlfriend so I’d come in thru the window and smash then leave out :lol: :smh:

Mark Antony

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Y'know said I want no problems like that at my age vs when I was younger, but there were some close calls that I didn't fight at all.


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Things I learned on here over the years:
- Dont ask about her past
- Dont mess with a girl with daddy issues
- Keep it moving if they got a man

I stand by all 3 till this day.
Funny thing is most of the time they will volunteer the info and EXPECT you to do the same.

That is when you can say, "Well I never asked you anything in the first place."
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Met a chick on OKC. Told me she was married and was just dumped by a bf. She met her husband in high school and they both realized they never lived life. So they both agreed to let each other have a sex buddies. She said she was looking for a dedicated sex buddy since the last guy broke it off. She looked and was built exactly like simona halep. She was a freak. I think it was so good because wasn’t my girl and submissive. She was down for anything. She grew up
In Amish country and was elated to screw a black guy. It was one occasion, only because she wanted me to impregnate her.
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****** killin over kitten

was “cool” younger but as a grown man nah. **** used to make me look at women as a whole in a bad way and I used it as an excuse for how I treated them

I grew up
One of my young homies is on trial for murder where he killed his ex gf bd..he was messing with one of our friends cousin..our friend told him not to mess with her because she was a grimey homie started messing with her in 2019..her bd was in jail at this forward to last homie and ol girl break up..her bd gets out of jail...she gets back with her bd..but she was still messing with my homie, my homie also had a new gf at this forward to last August her bd finds out who my homie one day last August her and her bd go out for lunch/dinner and he's texting my homie from her phone talking **** homie was talking **** back..later that day he facetimes my homie from her phone while ****ing her..instead of taking the L my homie lost it and goes to her house..when he gets there it's ol girl, her bd, his family and a couple of his homie and dude started fighting.. one thing led to the next and dude was shot in the head and chest and my homie ended up getting shot in the leg and his car was shot up when he was pulling off...he drove himself to the hospital and passed out when we woke up he was cuffed to the bed
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