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could somebody hook me up with some more info? im going to be down there this christmas holiday, is there any spots really worth hitting up?
Joined Dec 18, 2003
Quote:[hr][/hr]20th st and 24av.
they have a couple of shoes (even j's) b4 release date.
xi's is all snakeskin colors and 16's
also alot of og jordans but only in kids sz.

sneaker boutique
119th st. and about 14av.??? Holla for exact address its in shopping plaza
mostly clothes but also alot of down south popular shoes

119th st fashion
119th st. across from co's co's night club
Urban clothing only, but its black owned and you are able to talk them down
Do you have the phone number and are you talkin about NW or SW? next time put the exact address...

and by the way hi i'm new to dis board :D


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