MTV's The Challenge: War of the Worlds - Season 33, Page 129

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Damn, wasn't expecting complete domination by Jenny.

Nelson basically lost this himself. So close and had leverage. Look like be broke something trying to get away in round 2.
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I clown Nelson every season, hard. And after that car showing with a Zero, I was about to again.


That is one helluva gesture putting himself in. Nothin but respect for that. Truly.

I was PRAYING that Jenny would ring that bell with Dee's head.

PRAYING. :lol:
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Nelson showing us again that he is dumb. Y’all are both grown men and I’m guessing Cory makes more money than you cause he’s done Teen Mom and a few more shows than you. No sympathy here. Everyone has their own financial issues. Nelson is a damn fool. If anything, try to win and give Cory’s kid’s some money.

Hell of a battle, had my heart racing.

Jenny annihilated Dee, that was rough.

I still can’t believe this fool was minutes away from being in the Finals but volunteers to go down because his boy has kids. You deserve to go home. How is he gonna feel if Cory goes home with nothing? Smh
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It wasn’t like Nelson gave Cory a million dollars. He just made it tougher for him to get to the final. Been a different story if Nelson gave up his spot to Cory to be in the final. Nelson still had to compete and win in the purgatory. He was still in control of his own destiny. Win and your in.
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Solid episode. Good to see Dee get washed like that, Nelson had both rounds but just couldnt pull it out.

i see Kyle and Cory being the 2 guys eliminated before the final finishes.

got a feeling this the year Johnny take it back
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It’s been a real struggle to finish tuning in this Season.
The fact it started with No Turbo was strike 1, strike 2 was the Location and Bunker...
Guess I’ll get tonight’s episode in and see how much longer this goes on....
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Nelson man you fool.
Noble or not, you KNOW FOR A FACT you have a better more realistic shot to win the FINAL than Cory.
If anything what NELSON should have done was tell Cory ‘look man, I don’t want you to lose out on 1million so I’ll give you half my winnings if you go in right now and take ROGAN out for us”

Cory could hAve beat Rogan(hell Nelson beat him-he just couldn’t close) but Cory can’t win the “toughest final ever”, not with those knees.
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I thought Nelson had a shot. He's pretty scrappy and quick. Knew he lost based on the editing though. Once he lost round 1 and they cut to commercial I knew that was it because there was only like 6 minutes left in the time slot :lol:

Part of me was almost expecting Johnny to throw in Cory too.
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Dee didnt stand a chance against Jenny. :rofl:
People get caught up in the "Brawl" part of the elimination but all you really have to do is get past your opponent and ring the bell.

Smaller people have won hall brawl by jumping over or side stepping their opponent. Wrestling with a bigger person is only going to make you tired for the next round.
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There’s a odd number, one male gonna get purged off. Based off the trailer Bayleigh probably got medically eliminated. They putting them in snow :lol:

Let’s all be real Bananas kept saying he wants Rogan eliminated if he sent Fessy or if he went down there that would’ve been done deal.
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Yeah they'll probably clip some people off during a phase of the final like they did last season.
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I'm surprised that Bananas didn't send down Fessy. He must be hoping there's a weakness during the Final we haven't seen yet. I don't see Kyle, Rogen or Cory scaring Bananas off, that only leaves Fessy vs Bananas for the top spot.
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