My lil girl is moving out ...

Aug 5, 2017
That this city and the area she picked is outta her league and she struggles. She's moving to Long Island City, right by the water for anyone familiar with the area. She showed me the spot and the area from pics and it looks beautiful and safe, nothing like where we are now. Her view from her bedroom is the NYC skyline. Sounds great but I'm just nervous she's going too hard especially with her first apt. NY is tough man, she makes good money but from what she explained about her bills she's already gonna just be gettin by it seems. And she's too proud to come back home if she falls on her face, which i hope she doesn't .

Like i said she'll be aight i think, just don't want her struggling any way like i did ...
whats good my g i would suggest havign clear communication with her and letting her know that its okay to ask for help whether that be with her roommate or finances

you don't wnat her bringing in a weird rommate to help her make rent which can end badly

just packed up her van and sent her off. dead right now |l
damn, this part of life of leetting go is so hard

she loves u but needs her own space to become her own women.

If you keep her sheltered in ur crib she aint finna grow up.

props to u fam <3
Oct 19, 2012
If there is a silver lining to all of this, you and your daughter may become closer in a way onewearz onewearz

I was always my mother's favorite...but after I moved out, it was like we became legit best friends.


formerly sh0rtyy12
Oct 11, 2012
Damn this put me in my feelz. My oldest is 12 almost 13 and she talks about when she moves out on her own. And i got some time but time is passing by way too fast. My littlest is turning 6 months already and i am sad about that. I can imagine how it will be when my oldest leaves. I feel for you OP
Jun 14, 2006
Thx again everyone for the input and words, always appreciated. And yes, I've said it here a hundred times but my best advice as a parent of 3 is enjoy. Enjoy every second because before u know it you'll be packing them up and sending em on their way.

My daughter stopped by last night for some stuff she left behind and i was a mess again once she left :lol:

Good to see she's actually gettin her adult on and not having a hard time, so far.
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