Need help with fellow NT bros

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Sorry to hear/read that. It’s always better to talk with someone, preferably a professional, about this. Don’t internalize it.
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Instead of feeling sad or upset, take time to reflect on the person you became while you were with this person. You can live the rest of your life with disdain for this woman, or you can honor the relationship y'all had and cherish the good moments. Today you're a real man with good intentions and a good heart.
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Make your bed & Clean your room the best it’s ever been. Shave your hair down there and sexy yo self up. Apply for jobs you barely qualify for and short term goal plan for next 3 months. Stop feeling like a trash can and keep it moving. And if your bout it, confide with her sister and smash

John Wick

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I knew it was coming.

but damn man sucks wish you the best. Take this time to go out and enjoy the single life. Dont let this get you down to the point you want to hurt yourself or her. Dont need you to go to jail on top of this.

and its crazy to hear you been a standup person and she still cheated

sounds like she needed some new peen so I bet she will come crawling back so dont take her back!
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First few days are going to be rough, once you get past the initial grief my suggestion is to hit the gym.
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Also, this is pertinent, given your name I have to ask, was this from an arranged marriage?
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anyone know the best way to get through a breakup?

Just found out my wife of 5 years was cheating on me.

Y’all wanna flame me it’s all good, I deserve it
Like deadass my life is gods trashcan right now.

Anyone know the best way to get through a breakup? Im really really hurting badly right now.
isnt that the one with the kid that ur raising???
i swear ive warned u
about being in that situation in a previous thread
the kid
and life insurance i believe


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sorry to hear bruh. wish I had some advice but never being married, I can't imagine

best of luck my friend
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Sounds like a blessing in disguise.

Doesn’t make it and easier to get through though. Sorry to hear it my man.

Some advice I can give - stay away from your vices as much as possible. Alcohol, weed, porn, video games, gambling, whatever it is you do.

You gotta let it hit you. You gonna go through some strong emotions because you gotta find your way again.

Try to eat right, do some things you are afraid to do (public speaking, traveling alone, Yoga :lol:) and you will not only be on the right path but also be around people who are actually taking care of themselves.

My pm is open homie. Reach out anytime.
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No . love marriage
Ah alright was about to say bro this could be a new lease on life.

All the same, if that’s in her nature. Then while it may not seem like it at first, eventually you’re going to look back at it like you got your life back.

Perception is funny like that man, I know y’all married so there’s a lot still to sort out but eventually man you should feel liberated.

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Damn, rough. Cliche as it all sounds so far, it's really all you can do, only time can fix it. Vent to NT, cry it out, yell wild loud when no one's around, then just dive head on into your own excellence. Gym, family and friends, new women, step out your comfort zone etc.

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don’t text or try to call her.
don’t try to look at her fb or ig.
if she calls, don’t answer.
if she texts, don’t reply.


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Damn, sorry zain. Thats some foul ****.

Karma is a *****, it'll come back to hit her up.

Give it time. I hope true love finds you.


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hurt people hurt people. karma will ruin her. she'll know what she lost. if she picked up and dipped out that means the place is in your name at least? get absolutely everything that reminds you of her. her kitchen acessories, her paintings/artwork etc. etc. clear your place of her entity then your head will start to be clearer.

gym, exercise and all that. go underwater at the gym pool and yell that biiiiish out
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Travel with some friends. Go where you've been wanting to go. I know it's hard to fathom but there are other fine women out there that you will click with and they are loyal.
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