Need help with fellow NT bros

Joined Feb 11, 2011
divorce her
focus only on yourself 100% could be anything. work, knowledge hobbies etc
spend more time with friends and family
entertain yourself with other women

in that order.
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I don't know much but I'm pretty sure you came out of this okay. The fact that she left and took all of her stuff makes me think she was thinking about this for a while. This wasn't a one time crime of passion, she's foul and you're better off without her.

Change your locks immediately and do not let her back in. Find a good divorce attorney and focus on all the things that you enjoyed before you were married. The things that she didn't care for, the things you suddenly had less time for after ya'll were together. Also try to remember all the **** about her that annoyed you. I know she had some habits or tendencies that you just put up with, they all do. Relish the fact that all that's out of your life.

Also if you can support it, get a dog (or cat if you want) that'll help with those lonely feelings and *****es love dogs.
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OP, I’m so sorry. I’ve never been married and hearing stories like this makes me not want to even take that route but first thing first....get out of that suicidal headspace you’re in. No woman on this planet is worth that. If you truly believe you are a good person with good intentions than trust in the higher power outing people with ill intent in exchange for bringing people into your life with better energy and values. My boy was in a similar situation only he wasn’t married, but had proposed. Girl started disrespecting him out of nowhere only for him to find out that she cheated and the disrespect was meant to push him away. Told him to pack his **** and leave their crib. He stayed strong through all of it but ended up breaking down while we were smoking a blunt and he was venting to me. Seeing him get that low hurt me so bad I. I had females on standby ready to whoop her ***. Took a more civilized approach though...took him to Vegas and we went ****ing WILD. By the time we came back he had renewed confidence in his strength and abilities in the world. I say all that to emphasize, the world is big OP. There are so many experiences you will have that will bring you low and take you high. Seize the day. Appreciate life. LIVE. This too shall pass. Please take care of yourself and know my PM is open.
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I know a thing or two about break-ups, and I stress keep talking about it to everyone and anyone that will listen or won't listen, just it out. If your friends get tired of hearing it, find a therapist that will listen (tremendously helps). Work on yourself to be a better self. Force yourself to do things like going to the gym, talking to random strangers, going out to any events in your area etc. Don't distract your mind from thinking about your situation. Face it, let it out and deal with it! Just don't deal with it by yourself and feel like no one understand what you're going through. We all are human and we all have emotions. Let it out bro. We got you here on NT, even the trolls.
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OP **** that *****, she not worthy . And whoever she with prolly gonna end up cheatin on her so just stack up your bread and live your life. plenty of fish in the sea. too many women out there for you to be hurtin over ONE. and Cant you get alimony off her ? lmao
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