Nike Air Max Lebron 7 Retro

Which Lebron 7 should be brought back?

  • HWC

    Votes: 72 24.7%
  • Dunkman

    Votes: 47 16.1%
  • Christ the King

    Votes: 51 17.5%
  • All Star

    Votes: 37 12.7%
  • Christmas

    Votes: 7 2.4%
  • Phantom

    Votes: 2 0.7%
  • Heroes Pack

    Votes: 57 19.5%
  • SVSM

    Votes: 19 6.5%

  • Total voters
Joined Jun 27, 2009
Still :smh: @ myself for passing on da red carpets back in ‘09 (I think that’s was da year). One of my fav Lebron 7s. All I cared about was copping Jordans or Nike retro models back then :smh:.

Long story short...these will be copped :nthat:.
Joined Aug 3, 2013
Yea I hope somebody in the know confirms these. I would likely scoop every pair they decide to release as these and the 8s are my all time fave LeBron’s with the 9s being a close second.


Joined Aug 26, 2009
I want the U.K. PE pairs too. I’ve been so close to winning them on ebay but lost every time at the last minute. :smh: :frown:
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Joined Mar 29, 2001
Won't get too hype.

In the description, it says a "callback to the red carpet 7"

I know they went ahead and put pics of the 7, but what if it's one of those mashups they'be been doing the last couple years?
Joined Jul 29, 2012
In. I’ll be in Europe when these drop. Seeing Lebron isn’t as popular over there, perhaps they’ll be an easier cop.
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