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As you say, it’s all about the stories. So why have you chosen to spotlight the Air Max Plus?

I made a sculpture of it, and I had a video of it where I brought it all around the city. The bus, the streets, people were interacting with it. I love watching people interact with my art and sculptures, while I sit on the side. That really excites me, even if they’re roasting me I don’t care. People react and reacting is everything. Everyone has a reaction to it because everyone has a familiarity with shoes. They come with their own mind about them.

Air Max Plus is kind of the ultimate “designer” Nike silhouette. It was always the most expensive shoe that was maybe associated with people who did naughty things… The designer of that shoe [Sean McDowell], it was like his first week on the job, and before Nike he was living in Miami drawing tons of photos of sunsets in his sketchbook. He had all these sketches of palm trees swaying, wrapping and ripping, and these were the inspiration for the shoe’s design. These [the Air Max Plus’ TPU overlays] serve as the palm trees.

This particular shoe was very much inspired by iconic nature elements, which is what I like. When you think of Miami you think of palm trees in this really graphic sense, and a lot of my aesthetic is this like, garish or a pop art stance of nature. By using palm trees as a way to support your foot is so interesting.

Another thing is that the designer was quite new, and as you can see here [points to Air Max Plus] the Swoosh is drawn incorrectly. He put the line on the inside and he drew the tail out too far — there’s some naivety that a new designer brings with new energy into a shoe.

Sometimes the best designs are the ones that are not overworked. Overworking ruins design, a lot, because it’s hard to know when to stop and keep things really fresh. To me, [the Air Max Plus] always seemed the most architecturally forward shoe.

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