Nike Air Max2 Light 2019 retro.

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I just did from 12 to 11.5 because all they had , I’ll lwt you know Monday when they arrive how they fit
I'm usually a size 8 on air max 1/90/95/97/98, can do 7.5 snug, tried a size 8 on these and they fit big and the toes are too boxy for me, size 7.5 was a good fit but still had some room maybe because of the toe box shape. I reckon, half size down would be a snug fit. I passed tho didn't like the toe box shape.
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Nike gonna have to open new outlets just for all the am2 light stock that won’t sell.
I got the one pair I wanted but couldn’t believe how many colorways were produced.

Did see a “Neon” pair that is kind of tempting.
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i don't really understand why people complain about too many colorways or too many bad colorways of a shoe that they like. like...there are a billion jordans, am90s, am1s, am95s, etc...etc...not all of them can be winners, but someone, somewhere probably liked them. i'm just glad they brought back the ogs.
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well then you could take a shoe like the huarache that has also had a ton of mostly not great colorways pumped out in a short amount of time and was nike's second best selling shoe in 2017. the point is, a bunch of bad colorways (to us, the niche audience on niketalk) won't necessarily kill a shoe. and, on the bright side, you can currently buy multiples of what you like now for cheap and hold on to it for the next decade+.
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word. Might have to unsubscribe to this thread. It’s getting disrespectful at this point.
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