Nike Air Penny 3 2020 retro

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says they aresold out on finishline. were they ever in stock?
I was checking just to see and Finish Line and JD sports loaded about 4 sizes. DTLR never loaded. Jimmy Jazz loaded half the sizes. Hibbett never loaded. Shoe Palace loaded half the sizes.
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I knew this stuff was going to happen with this shoe... I am just going to be patient like I was with the More Uptempo and see if I can catch them. I was able to finally grab a pair of the Uptempos yesterday.
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I got a pair off of Lapstone for $120 before they caught their mistake lol

Joined Dec 12, 1999
^Thanks for the heads up. Not sure what coupon you used, but $130 with shipping would have been better than $170!
Joined Feb 22, 2008
What Nike is doing with these Penny III releases is terrible. Just drop the shoes, y'all. Putting them up on these websites and then having them taken down is just annoying AF.


formerly j o 19
Joined Oct 1, 2004
Repped.. Copped :nthat:

I was nervous about these too. Hoping they don't cancel, I didn't expect them to be there when I clicked the link from3 hours back. I was JUST in this thread earlier too.. I would've been sick.
Joined Feb 29, 2000
I think I got hit with both but I'd rather that than pay SX any day. I'm shocked its even lasted this long with how Nike Retro been going.
big week of shoes. people probably not checking for them YET

think everyone eyeing them kobes tomorrow
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