Nike Air Penny 3 2020 retro

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90's were definitely the golden age of sneaker design. Today's bball shoes are mostly generic/performance based shoes. It's definitely tougher to come up with something new and unique after 30 years. Zoom is still Nike's best cushioning and that came out in 96/97.
I just had this conversation last night. 90’s were without question the most creative period for Nike in general. It’s going to forever be their golden age. It’s hard to out do those designers


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Really hoping the Penny logo is just a sample or something.. it even looks unfinished. I just let go of my broken down Black '09s in hopes of both the Blue and Black pairs dropping.

These are a NEED.
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Man I had the last retro. White/blue and the white/purple. Love this shoe. I really wanted the black and chrome that was the HOH pair but when those came out, I was taking a break from buying shoes.
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The one penny in the line I do not like. I got the ogs for Christmas in 98 I think. Brought em to my aunt's house, tried em on, walked around in them. Took em back to the store and got a refund within an hour. They felt really stiff, and the first retro felt soft. Either way, not satisfied. If you wanted these, I hope you can cop.

Yet...I still need the AM Penny 1 in OG home white. Still waiting...
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These are my second favorite Penny after the Foam Ones and I am SO happy they're coming back! The 2009 pair was definitely a solid retro, but I was broke in college back then and couldn't cop them.

Now, if they bring back the black/blue joints with LEATHER instead of Foamposite I'm gonna be pissed AF and couldn't bring myself to cop. The Foamposite on the III is the most iconic part of the shoe; placing leather there would be ridiculous.

So, assuming they drop the white/blue, black/blue, white/red, and white/eggplant colorways with no aesthetic changes, I'm copping each of them.
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I’ll probably just cop the royals and move on. Don’t need too many pairs of these. Still waiting on a Penny 1 Orlando retro. I had the All star retro from 2014 but I didn’t like the fit.

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I'm in doubt it will sell out fast, hopefully they don't nix performance features like the OG's. But I'll be in for a discount pair 🙃
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