Nike Air Zoom Lebron II - Release Dates and Information

Joined Mar 31, 2005
Whats the name of those blue\white kicks with the two velcro straps, under the white red lbj2's? They have the LBJ23 logo on it... Are they the LBJ3's???
Joined Mar 31, 2005
Anyone know where you can cop those 20.5.5s online? I saw the black\reds here in Toronto (Queen street footlocker) for $180 (CAD).
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can someone who saved all of the pictures of the Lebron 3s repost them here for reference, since over time the other posts will delete but this one is stickied
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He got zoo york dunks and he just throw them around like there another gr 0]

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Looking for these in sizes 9.5 or 10- Takashi, J pack dunk, LA lakers delta force, La dunk, PBR angus, 1st e-cue, Away Rayguns,Charity Angus (freak style) and Fc (glow sole)and (hawaiin),Ahloa Dunk,Homers,Hemps,.Perf Dunks
[color= rgb(0, 0, 204)]I am willing to trade or buy askme what i can get. I can get any new sb shoe for retail so let me know inadvance and we'll set up deal through ebay[/color].
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i just received my lebron 2's in the mail today and i'm really surprised that the shoes run a little narrow/small and lebron clothing runs extra big.
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so who is copping the 20.5.5 tonight online?? I hope its not like the Laser IV release

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Quote:[hr][/hr]so who is copping the 20.5.5 tonight online?? I hope its not like the Laser IV release[hr][/hr]
I'm gonna make a bid for them. But ain't waiting no 3 hours by computer like I did when I copped the laser IV J's.
I hope Nike server holds up.
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