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I've always wondered when I was a kid, when I watched Back to the Future 2, when I would be wearing shoes that would tighten itself automatically. Not just that idea, I would like to see nike make a basketball shoe that knows how much resistance and tightness is need on your feet. Basically a smart shoe that gives you boost when you jump, gives you extra traction when you need to move side to side and more importantly gives extra support when you are just about to twist your ankle. Maybe im just being naive, but back when i was a kid I've always wanted a shoes just like the ones in Back to the Future 2...and I am still patently waiting when this will/can actually happen...
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Quote:[hr][/hr]"What do you want to see from NIKE BASKETBALL that it isn't currently doing?" [hr][/hr]

More praise for basketball as a team sport rather than glorifying individuals. Simple, and probably won't win, but that's my 2 cents.
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I want Nike to produce quality and innovative products. sure the retro craze was nice but no more mixing the old with the new, start designing future classics instead of relying solely on past successes and failures to push on to today's consumer. if today's products were successful Nike wouldn't have to rely on its past products.
I just wish Nike would go back to being Nike an innovative company that set trends in footwear, and did not over kill classic shoes with gimmicks and outrageous prices.
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what i want to see from NIKE BASKETBALL is that they need to give back to the community.. there will always be innovations and new techs, but the price aint getting lower... the endorsement deals, the gimmicks, sure for us shoe heads its appealing coz we can afford such lunacy... But what about those persons, the people who doesn't have much to spare.. how will they be able to experience a NIKE Product. In the US, it might not be a big deal but here in a non-3rd world country, you see kids who really love to ball yet have no money for a quality product like NIKE so they just end up buying fakes.
For once, I'd like to see them cut down their prices so some people can get to experience them. I mean, they made their money, their no. 1 in terms in the shoe industry; why not give a lil' something back to the people.. even for a short amount of time, say a month, they could put everything on sale or at half price, even the new releases.. Maybe with this, they can decrease or halt the faking of their products.. Coz once those people can buy their stuffs, the buying would stop and the faking will too...hehehe
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Quote:[hr][/hr]"What do you want to see from NIKE BASKETBALL that it isn't currently doing?"[hr][/hr]

how about a NIKE BASKETBALL x ADIDAS collabo... to promote camaraderie or something to that effect
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I want some wild futuristic sneakers to come out. Like the flightposite 3, and some of the other foams look like shoes that are even too futuristic in our time. Some sneakers that stand out and look out of this world, but still mainly focus on performance over looks.
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I would like to see them make a 500.00 sneaker. A no joke, no-holds-barred shoe for the players of the NBA that the public simply can not afford. Their BEST EFFORT if you will, in terms of building the best shoe ever made with complete disregard to the cost of making and developing it. No whining about "we can't do this and that because of cost limitations". I would like to see what they got. Take all the hottest ideas from the kitchen and JUST DO IT. 500 bucks is chump change to a pro player, and shoes are their only real "tool" or expense. Shake up the world and gGive me a reason to pause my tivo and get 3 inches from my screen in an attempt to see it!!!
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What I would like to see nike w/ basketball are some new campaigns. Maybe more so than the shoes, Nike advertising used to be so far ahead of everyone else. Campaign commercials used to push their stars into the stratosphere in terms of popularity and helped make Nike "it". The shoes too were very innovative, but I think that nike is still putting out competitive products. I think that what we have seen in terms of the LBJ campaign is a great example of what they are doing right, but need to do this perhaps w/ other atheletes and give the "US" a little more of their focus.
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Why not take NikeID further and let us "create" a personal shoe by not only letting us personalize the color but also the materials, style, cut, and technology?

Sort of letting us make our own hybrid of different Nike Basketball shoes... :wow:
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What I want is more than just a new technology or radical design. I want to feel like nike deserved for me to make a purchase on their shoes.

I don't just want to buy a shoe, I want to buy into a movement. Not "Just do It", but I want the shoe to make me think " Just love it."

I want to feel a sense of passion and love that was poured into a design that I didn't have to read about on niketalk but instead I could tell just from holding the shoe that someone's blood, sweat, and hard effort went into producing a wearable piece of art.

I want this movement to be about quality, affordability, and just a straight up in your face love for sneaker making. I want it to feel more about a love for those who love sneakers, than just the bottom dollar.

I want the kicks to be their own advertisment. I want to love the kicks so much that I would need to get two pairs in fear that they would be discontinued.

word of mouth would be the marketing campaign. The shoes would sell themselves.

I could almost see it now:

"Yo, you saw those kicks in the store today?

"the retros?"






"Then what were they?"

"I don't know, They just were..."

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PLAIN and SIMPLE..Stop slacking on the design aspect of the shoes. the KB II and the Zoom BB are perfect examples of Nike getting it right. TOO often you see shoes on the market that look forced and unattractive. The elite 2's, shox, and haurache on nikeid ALL have the same upper...this is ridiculous... Nike has gotten cofortable at the position that they're in.. how many times can we retro and re retro release classic shoes? Get those new classics on the market stat!! if you make an innovative and top of the line product people will go out and purchase the product. STOP forcing undesirable shoes NIKE for steep pricing. they're not selling, pack those trash shoes up, take that loss, go back to the drawing board create something that ballers can't ball without. and throw some double stack zoom air in em too.haha :rofl:

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I want explanations.

The thing that bugs me the most about nike basketball is that every couple months there is some new revolutionary technology and they just drop their previous revolutionary technology and we never ever get an explanation of any kind.

It pisses me off that the tech I just dropped 150 bucks on gets wiped off the face of the earth and they act like it never existed it the first place.

I wanna know why it got dropped. I wanna know how somethin that they said would change the way the game is played with ads and commercials can get so obsolete so fast.

I think for my 150+ I deserve the why.
I deserve some kind of after the fact explanation of why they were WRONG. I can understand a lack of customer loyalty but no loyalty for their own technology is just scary.

They have no problem tellin us why their newest stuff is better then every other companies stuff, so why not let us know why its better then THEIR OWN stuff from last year or last month or last week?
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I want nike basketball to 'just do it'.
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I want Nike Basketball to make customizable shoes...and I don't mean color schemes. I mean like a car. There are tons of cars that look and perform good stock, but can become even better when modified. If there were shoes like that it would be dope. Nike hasn't really given us options within a shoe. True options I mean. There are tons of times where I like how a shoe looks, but hate how it doesn't feel good to me. Vice Versca. If Nike were to make accessories sold separately to add on to a shoes performance or replace it completely it'll be dope. Like an engine in a car. Changing insoles isn't enough sometimes. Accessories to change how a shoe looks would be crazy too. For examle, there's a near flawless looking shoe...but then the strap kills us. Like rims or aerodynamic body parts on a car. That's just what I would love to see any company attempt.
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MOVE INTO THE FUTURE AS THEY DID IN THE PAST!!! what does this mean you ask? move ahead of the game with new technology and design as they did in the past. remember when ZOOM AIR first hit a basketball shoe. everyone lost there minds like "WHERES THE BUBBLES" but you know what, we have grown to love it now. same with the materials and design we all moved with it as they laid it on us. SO I SAY STOP REFLECTING BACK ON THE OLD AND MOVE AHEAD INTO THE NEXT GENERATION OF SOLID BUILT HOOP SHOES.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]"What do you want to see from NIKE BASKETBALL that it isn't currently doing?"[hr][/hr]
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Nike Basketball has been over-saturating their talent pool to the point that anybody can be signed with Nike, so that it's not as much of an honor as it once was.

In the past, you had to be an elite to be signed by Nike, like a moses Malone or a Charles Barkley. Even in the not so distant past, there was Jordan, Kobe, and Lebron. Nowadays, unproven and unqualified athletes like a Emekah Okefor or Al Harrington are affiliated with Nike as well.

Without the same kind of admiration from fans as their older counterparts, they are not making me, the consumer, have the same urge to go out and buy that shoe because I don't have the same respect for the professional that wears it.

My suggestion? Fire them. Get rid of the dead weight, and return the company to a more simple, but prestigious time.
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I want to see nike basketball be ORIGINAL. The great thing about the best Nike Basketball concepts is that they were unique, stylish and functional all in one (see flightposite). This is what I want to see again, new styles, quality materials, and functionality.
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I want their athletes to get more into the campaign not just for Nike, but for basketball itself. "The LeBrons" is a good start, but how about a more all around effort, with more signature editions and more personalities.

Let's make basketball as lively as it was in the 90's, with not just LBJ, but an all around effort like Mars Blackmon, Lil Penny, Sir Charles, etc.

I want to see more of Kobe, J-Kidd, Nash, Pierce, Amare, not just watch them get paychecks for a few pictures. Get the athletes involved, give them character, revive basketball.


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Winners will be announced sometime today. Staff votes needed to be tallied up.

I don't know yet if members who entered after the deadline are still eligible. I'll inform you guys later on...
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