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We’re exactly one week out from the NA release of the NER 87’ so I decided to create a thread dedicated solely to the new model that some have already dubbed the shoe of 2018, it deserves it.

B256EAB3-7A09-4C79-89E9-81CE347C33FE.jpeg B0BFB911-207A-4BCF-8F8B-6AF636840155.jpeg

From Nike: Many classic Nike shoes were born from a simple desire: to make running and walking more comfortable. The Nike Element React 87 is one such shoe that also owes its geometric design to data drawn from everyday athletes.

Work on the shoe began by pressure map testing individuals who walk heavily throughout the day. These maps show the points where feet experience the most fatigue from commuting, running errands, and otherwise. Designers then drilled holes into these spots on running shoe soles and repeated the process with Nike react foam for added comfort.


-Designed by Darryl Matthews
-Pressure maps also influenced the design by being applied to the outsole with rubber pods.
-Nike internationalist and last years Nike Zoom Fly SP translucent upper are inspiration for the design.
-Also includes suede accents, Nike react logo and rubber outsole pods.
9C551CB9-9C90-42DE-A3CD-0500EF171649.jpeg 238EFE51-E200-4996-9460-91BD248AE015.jpeg

Release Date: June 21st (Europe-Asia)
July 13th (NA)
A0750A8F-88DF-4B89-82F2-EEBDA66CFC4F.jpeg A64B1E14-16C7-4D0A-AD74-2C93F1FE2AC4.jpeg F01A7C9C-6DB6-45E3-B7F5-C49463DD897A.jpeg




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Definitely worth branching the Element React shoes out from the regular React thread and into its own thread! Seems to be a hit with this model already, too... my black pair from StockX (paid resale, but it's comparable to paying $20 above the average VaporMax+tax price anyway) is coming in today.

Lunar_Loner Lunar_Loner - if you can, perhaps you should retitle the thread "Element React Thread (NER 87/55/UNDERCOVER Collab)" or something like that since there are going to be a few different kinds of the Element Reacts in general. Just a suggestion though!

stuntman mike

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i might be in the minority but i don't really like the black pair. sail pair looks much nicer imo. but if i'm going to chase a pair of these, i'll go after one of the undercover pairs.
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I know these will likely be Tier 0 but does anyone have a list of stores that might be getting them in NYC?
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Haven't been able to find even a tier0 shop in ATL that's carrying ... Copping may be a PITA
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^I think it's because the React sole really is comfy AF even if the aesthetics are a bit conservative.

Do these fit bigger or same as Zoomfly SP?
A little roomier all over, due to the shape. They're closer to a Trainer/Trail shoe than a Runner in fit.
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I’m in for a pair but only if snkrs works for em haha the sail/red pair though..I saw a few different wild colors on StockX too what are they?
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