Nike Footscape Woven Thread.

Are Foootscape Wovens The Uggliest Pair Of Nikes?

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soggysocks soggysocks it's a very niche shoe. Not many people at all wear them, hence why every colorway goes on sale. I've seen a lot of the magista/mercurial footscapes in the wild in NYC but almost never anyone with wovens or regular ones.
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180? DS?

Even if that that's a good price for a used pair. Be careful thought I've seen instances where the white portions of the zebra print yellow.
Nah they were worn, but I ended up not pulling the trigger on them. I knew they would be too small. It was just me being too hopeful. If I find a pair in an 8, I’ll get them... one day.

I ended up snagging these hairy suede ones in an 8 for $75. They fit perfect and I love them.

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No. Don't run in footscapes anymore. Use modern tech. Even if retros feel comfortable they're not durable.
I also had an issue adjusting my feet to footscapes when I first started wearing them, even more so than nike free stuff, so I definitely wouldnt recommend them for running. I don't think nike has put out a footscape shoe explicitly designed to run in, iirc they were an HTM project way back when.
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Anyone cop those flyknit footscapes? i purchased a pair from size? but they're still on their way to me. I went TTS hopefully that works out.
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