Nike LeBron 18 *First Look*

Joined Jan 22, 2007
Why does Nike have to cheap out on the cushion on the lows 🤦🏼‍♂️. Those actually wouldn’t be half bad if they kept the full length zoom too.
Joined Jan 27, 2013
Didnt even get a notification, cmon SNKRS. Yall gotta do better.
FSR right now on NDC. That was a fake sellout. If you want em, go get em. At least, it lets me get to the point where I'm about to order. Not sure if it's an error or actually goes through. I don't want em so I'm not testing it further.
Joined Aug 2, 2015
Can you say more? You mean for ballin in or casual wear? Are they loose? Tight? Heavy?
casual wear

Heel is nicely padded and sculpted on the inside, no pinching on the tongue. They're a little less bouncy underfoot than the highs but still very comfortable. They won't choke your feet like the 17 lows. Upper is comfortable but not premium. It's a good shoe.
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