Nike x Fear of God Collab - Official Thread (Air FOG 1 "Triple Black" April 25th)

Which color of the Air FOG 1 do you prefer?

  • Skylon II - Black

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  • Skylon II - White

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Joined Mar 7, 2013
Which is interesting because Reebok did the question LeBron and question Kobe so I was so confused around that release.
Joined Mar 9, 2013
colorway and wearability/versatility of the shoe, thats why i've been ok with striking out on a few FOG 1's, they're just not your everyday type of shoe
Joined Jun 21, 2015
when buying a shoe, do you consider a) story or b) colorway? or both? or hype/rarity?
I honestly don't really care about the story behind the shoe. Feels like a lot of times they come up with the colorways first then just build a story around it instead of the other way around.
And I think hype goes hand in hand with colorway - a dope colorway will be loved universally which means more people will want it thus increasing hype. Sometimes you look at a colorway and just know that everybody will want it.
Joined Jun 25, 2013
when buying a shoe, do you consider a) story or b) colorway? or both? or hype/rarity?
I'd say I prefer story, rooted in actual events rather. Out of Nostalgia i guess. Not just some $#@% cooked up by the pr team. Even more so as I get older with less tolerance for the bs lol.
I'm not impervious to hype either though.
Joined Mar 10, 2004
Story is irrelevant if its just some manufactured narrative to sell a colorway. Silhouette and colorway are the most important, hype/exclusivity is an X factor.
Joined May 13, 2005
Man I really hope these get a wider release but I’m really not buyin it. These just feel like yellows all over again 😪
Joined May 13, 2005
Man my homie hit at saint alfreds for me only to be called back and told there was a sizing error smh so now i gotta jump thru hoops
Joined May 13, 2005
Completely appreciative my homie came thru just salty I gotta jump thru hoops! After they called and told him he was good for a 13 smh
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