Nike x OFF-WHITE Collection Thread - “The 20” Collection

Joined Apr 27, 2018
What length u get

Everyone who gets the 140cm likes the shoelaces to dangle to the side. If you want to lace them through every hole and tie them properly, I’ve been told 170cm is the length to go with. I haven’t received mine yet so I can’t personally attest to this, but as soon as they arrive, I’ll post up a review for you guys.
Joined Jul 18, 2017
Also got the Concepts W! Love this store. Best odds seeing as their raffles are only held for 24hrs. They’ve been blessing me more often than not

Congrats! I've hit a bunch of times at Bodega but never at Concepts. I still wanted to enter their raffle but it was the same day as the $&*#& Patriots parade and I was afraid traffic would be a **** show !
Joined Apr 6, 2017
I just woke up !!! Man I missed em but then again snkrs would of gave me an L sns same end same so welp on to the next off white for retail congrats on all y’all that won
Joined Apr 27, 2018
Anyone hear from HolyPopStore yet? I still have two authorizations on my PayPal/credit card from them.
Joined Aug 19, 2015
Anyone heard/won/L from Bodega, One Block Down, or RSVP Gallery?

I'm 0 for 20+, just for this model. Really wanted these Desert Ores to wear.

Deleted member 204831

I’m getting worried that the seller on GOAT is backing out and not going to ship. The progress on both pairs are on the same stage, I wonder if it’s the same seller since it seems like the progress got updated at the same time. Prices are going up too.
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