Nike x Sacai Collaboration Thread

Joined Mar 9, 2013
that beige and blue waffles is nice. Put me down for a pair of those

maybe a pair of those DBook waffles too
Joined Apr 11, 2011
Green low blazers is a cop. Purple joints clean too but ones that caught my eye are those grey/green low blazers :emoji_fire:
Joined Dec 9, 2017
Nobody’s heard anything about a release date, estimate, anything yet? I haven’t bought a pair of Nike’s in ages it seems. I need the new black Sacai’s. (Maybe others, black is priority 1) That’s almost the only colorway of the V1’s I wear anymore; it was always my favorite though. I guess if the new model doesn’t come out soon I’m going to have to start giving the other V1 colorways some attention. I’ve been thinking about going navy laces only for the Summit Whites; maybe that will have to do for a while as far as a change up.
Joined May 12, 2015
Might have been asked...I may have overlooked it...has anyone sourced a good place to get replacement Sacai laces?
Thanks in advance!!!
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