Nike Zoom Lebron 3 Retro

Joined Oct 14, 2012
My pair from came in and I’m satisfied. Never owned an OG pair when they dropped when I was a freshman (played in Melos that season) but man these things are plush. Quality and details are very cool as well. Now I wanna cop the SB and BG but under retail hopefully

So far the only foot Locker here that has these are gone so hopefully some b grade do pop up at outlets but I don’t think you’ll find any more out there
Joined Aug 12, 2012
Anyone else have semi yellowed almost like a vanilla midsole? The area above the zoom just doesnt look the same as the rest under decent lighting. ****ty patent trimming in all areas of the shoe. Toe box has lines showing where the patent wasnt tucked or lined up and some of the panels seem to have excess patent hanging out like it was stitched on crooked or they didnt cut it right. Always happens on pairs I gaf about lol


Joined Feb 13, 2017
Apparently there are legit pairs of the home colorway floating around, StockX has a few sizes and there is a review on YouTube, maybe it’s an overseas only release
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