Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite 2017

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Yes, this is the problem right now:

New Balance FuelCell Rebel v2 - 7.2oz
Hoka Mach 4 - 8.0oz
Brooks Hyperion Tempo - 7.2oz

Aside from AF and VF, where's that lightweight option from Nike? Sometimes I just want to feel efficient with a higher cadence on an easy run and don't need a 10oz+ shoe
epic reacts

free run 2 are byke so if you want your knees to fall apart thats also an option
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I did not like the ZF3 midsole. Too rigid.. In the winter they felt like bricks. ZF2 felt softer. I like how those ZF4 look so I'll probably give in and try them, but with the same midsole as ZF3 I'm not holding my breath. We need something better for in between paces. To me it's Alphafly/Vaporfly then a big drop off for slower work. Peg37s are alright, I like the zoom air in the forefoot, but we need more lighter options for when I'm not doing a workout but I'm also not plodding. Hell I still see Mo Farah and Abdi out running in the PegTurbo.
Sounds like the endorphin speed would fill that gap nicely.
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Didn’t know that the VFN2 NBY sold out… I wanted to order one more FK uppered design. I hope it’s just like last year when they restocked intermittently. You just have to check frequently for restocks.
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As I recall, the minimalist trend got a big boost from the book Born to Run (2009), but people were doing it before the book.
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Nike free everyday one of my all time favs no injuries and had several pairs. Just an awesome shoe many moons ago…
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I remember running in minimalist shoes including frees. Stemmed from my days of playing soccer in HS/College, that low to the ground feel was all I knew!
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Those Free Run 2s were trash for running. The 3s had a bit more of a hey this is a running shoe with some tech but very minimalist. The sole material is stiffer, but still flexible. I have/had a pair of 3s and those were fine, but those 2s with that that basic foam? Nah b
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I have never been part of a running community before so I wasn’t sure where to share this. Plus I wanted to give some feedback on the shoes I’ve been wearing lately. My apologies for not getting back to the people who shared the perspectives a few weeks ago.

As I shared last time, I was dealing with fatigue in my legs and it turns out I just needed to rest. I took off a week and it did me wanders.

I’ve been going back and forth between the Invincibles and the Vaporfly’s. As stated, they really are two different shoes for two different purposes.

If I was to give an analogy, the Invincibles are like the chick who is a chicken nugget away from being fat, but she’s curvy and soft in all the right places and before you know it, she’s grown on you in more ways then one. She doesn’t require a lot from you and it’s easy to go the distance. Pun intended.

The Vaporfly’s are like the chick who knows she’s a 10 from the jump and she’s been waiting for you to get over the sentimentality of the fat chick (the Invincibles) so she can show you what you’ve been missing. They’re fast and LIGHT! When I first started running/training in April the Invincibles were all I wore and all I knew. For where I was at that point I truly think it was the shoe I needed. My first run in the Vaporfly’s was a 5mi/35:00 run. I could have gone faster if I knew what I was dealing with. it’s some what difficult to explain but I feel like the vaporfly requires more of the runner, in a good way. I noticed after my runs in the vaporflys I can feel a fuller utilization of my entire leg. When I run in the Invincibles I notice more strain on my achilles and calves. I am sure it has to do with how I coast in them.

All things considered, I decided to take the Invincibles for the ride in my first half marathon. I am glad I did. I was pretty wore out when I finished. I think the vapor fly’s probably would have gotten me under sub 8 mins but I don’t know that my legs were ready for that pace on my first half marathon.

Now I am considering a pair of alphaflys

I’m glad to be running again consistently. Peace to everyone out there getting it !
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