***$$$-NT Sportsbook Thread vol.2- Props props props props props props... EVERYBODY!

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Im trying to take bal. stuck on this game for some reason. Gonna be ugly weather. 1p game on east. Bal good against the run. Lamar is scorching right now.
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NFL Picks
Giants +7
Panthers -10.5
Ravens -5.5
Colts +1.5
Eagles -10
Raiders +11
Jaguars +3
Bengals +3
Cardinals +2.5
Chargers -3.5
Browns -1
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Brutal extended holiday weekend.

Lost on NBA parlays. Thanks Philly last night. I had the hou and mil -14s. Philly couldn't win by 6. Thanks Lakers against NOP. They covered the next game lol. Lost on Thanksgiving NFL games by one game on each parlay. . Lost on CFB. Lost most of today. Had niners m/l and over 46 parlay. Thanks jets for not scoring. Missed an over parlay because of them. I got the Panthers/colts correct. Just needed 40.5. Jets were putting up 34 per game the past three weeks.

Only one winner. M/l WAS got me back to 50% of what I spent. A fins skins ml parlay pays 24:1. I only bet the one.

They say Russell is clutch in primetime games. Seems like easy moNey SEA -3.

I'm sitting on a steeelers/broncos/cards ml parlay. Thanks cards. Another dud It feels like.

Funny. I did a 8 bet NFL 7pt teaser parlay. I went 2 of 8 on it. I can't even win when they give me extra points.
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which games are you betting money on though? all of them?
No. I bet none of them, thank god. I told the NT members that come into my chat room that I was not betting today. I hated these games and it really showed. This was the first Sunday I sat out all year. :lol::nerd: I always pick every game week to week, although I normally bet 2 of them.
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Easy money seattle I say. The games I don't bet on, end up working out too easily
It was obvious but it ended up not “working out too easily”, as you say... I mean if bailey made that PAT it’s a 3 pt game and a push for a lot of ppl. But yea -2.5 was an easy number to get this week. Awesome game!
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no. OSU is a monster and this is coming from a Michigan fan. Michigan was playing some of the best ball ive seen since the 2nd half of the PSU game. then this past Saturday happened, OSU dominated in every single aspect of that game. Hopefully we get to see an OSU/LSU natty. Best 2 teams this year by far.
think clemson has something to say about that
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