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Joined Feb 7, 2017
Yeah it’s looking like it. Clockwork said if you don’t get an email or phone call by 7pm it’s a wrap...
Joined May 28, 2008
I remember coming up 94-98 catching the Marta from the College Park train station to Lenox just to hop on the females.

How times have changed its nothing but dudes flexing now. Alot of fake jewels & ****
Joined Feb 15, 2021
Checking in. Been low key collector for last 10 years but starting to get serious. Though seems like I picked a terrible time, getting nothing but L's on these drops. Got to learn where I can make resv's and good spots to cop.
Joined Feb 15, 2021
About 10 pairs in the last week with about 10 more to go that I got my eyes on. Should catch me up on the last 10-15 years of most stuff under 5 bills that interests me. After that I'm not to worried about most new drops, will try and be as selective as possible to keep my total collection down under 50 pairs. Only recent ones I really would have liked to have gotten my hands on were of course the Trophy Room's but I can't see paying over G at this point.

Anyone catch anything locally for restock yesterday? Couldn't make it out anywhere to check inventory.
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