Off-White x Air Jordan Thread

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Agreed. No point hoping for restocks, but if you're just on the fence about a shoe, don't drop resell on it. There's always gonna be another shoe in the future. Every now and then, there might be a small restock by either Nike or some sneaker boutique opening up a new store, but no point hoping for those. If it happens, great; if not, just wait for the next release. A hype shoe or somebody's grail coming out every other week these days.

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Apologies if this isn’t the right thread. If there is a separate thread for these specifically, please link me as I am all the way the fu*k in and will prepare myself to catch the inevitable L.
“All the way the fk in” is an understatement for me. These are an absolute must IMO, and if they indeed release, are my personal choice for best OW x Nike/Jordan sneaker. I hope they actually drop, and I hope they turn out just like the original samples that look these pictured.
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Crazy how the OW version is 1000000000000 X better than the recent retro version. :smh:

Maybe Cop, but both 5s still better.
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