Official 2018 Los Angeles Dodgers Thread : Game 4

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If you blame this on the pitching your a moron.

deGrom wasn't lights out by any stretch of the imagination. The offense was just inept. It has been inept or inconsistent in one way or another all season except in April.

The bullpen sucked and was a liability, Kershaw and Greinke pitched well, offense didn't show up.

Offense sucks guys. Who's our big threat? Our big bopper? Justin Turner? :lol:

We don't have a big bat, someone that strikes fear in the other team. No one.

But hey, let's ******* blame Kershaw and Greinke. :lol:
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I bet Puig is as good as gone this winter too. Package him with Guererro and other prospects. I'm praying for Stanton. Miami needs that Cuban fanbase :nerd:
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Miami will dump Stanton when the backside of the contract creeps closer, for now it is very marlin friendly. Not going anywhere.
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Yes....lets pls shut down the stanton offense to anyone...but its a pipedream.

The future is seager/joc/puig/urias(2017 and beyond at earliest) and the only players we have in their absolute prime are kersh/grandal..gonzo is gonna decline..turner is a solid IF utility guy..peraza has promise but is not proven..were stuck with mccarthy...ryu may never be the same and is a fa anyways....anderson a fa...zack not worth an overpay to pay for decline yrs but we may be stuck with no choice. Kendrick...will block peraza but may be worth a nice team friendly short term deal....craw and dre are well on the wrong side of 30/have massive deals and nobody will absorb their deals as it(although dre is only thru 2017)...wood is penciled in at 4 or 5. And thats not even discussing the pen and what to do with positionless alex Guererro...svs whom im sure wants a shot to play every day...and management.

Just saying how it is. Haven't even looked at the FAs available yet.
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Greinke wasn't good enough. He walked garbage *** Duda to allow that Murphy to third sequence.

This FO whiffed on a lot of their acquisitions this year. I was quite surprised given their intellect. They have a lot to prove to me this offseason.
If you breakdown their acquisitions you will see they are playing the long game. They dumped a lot of dead weight last off season, close to $100 million for players to play on other teams. This team was poorly built, they did their best cleaning up Collettis mess and they still have some work to do (ie dumping ethier and Crawford.)

A power bar is needed, dump Puig and his ego.

Re-sign Greinke and/or Price.

Blow up the bullpen.

Hope Ryu and Mcarthy come back to fill the 3 and 4 slots.
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FA list for position players is underwhelming. Murphy is a fa..go fig... along with guys like zobrist and desmond whos gonna want the moon and stars....then OFers like heyward...Upton..cespedes....etc. Pitchers are a different story-price/cueto/zimmerman(and zack) along with relievers like oday/soria/bastardo/ for resigning zack as long as its for 6 yrs or less and at 25 mill or less per. Anything more than 6 yrs...nah.


Revamped pen with jansen..
Grandal...gonzo...kendrick...seager(ss)...turner(i guess) or send guererro to Dominican winter league to play 3rd and refine hitting...puig/joc......LF up for grabs while enticing someone to take on dre and or craw while absorbing 50% of remaining deal(s)...**** as super utility...aj ellis...a couple of fillers. Maybe peraza
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Our young guys were a year away, hence Rollins. Saeger will be the starting SS next year, and our starting 3b in a couple of years. Kendrick should come back if the price/years are right.

Puig should net a solid return. Hopefully they find takers for Crawford and Ethier.

Revamp the bullpen (crapshoot). Find a power bat.

Greinke will get a 5 year deal unless a team reaches (highly possible) .

Go after Price.
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So if yall wanna dump craw..dre AND puig...who do u get? And if not. .who plays left? Svs? ****? Break the bank for cespedes? And if seager starts at ss...i suppose red turner by default at 3rd? Its gonna be interesting


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**** this season man :lol: sick of falling short every year. I don't know what changes will be made to turn this around but it better happen.
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Watching the highlights. Still baffled why Dre didn't let that foul ball drop when we were up 2-1. Give Greinke a chance to K him or DP. Giving up runs like it's game in June. :smh:
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Why was nobody covering 3rd....why was grandal starting...why was joc even in the lineup...why was seager in the 2 hole again after being completely overmatched by degrom in gm 1...why not pitch murphy away when he only hits for power when getting pitches on the inner half....why did dre not move turner over.....

Its all a mystery.
it was documented recently he discusses with the FO the lineups


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Just crushed.... :frown:

Kind of hard to win a series when the offense can't bring in runs, and having a 2 man rotation sucks.

Bullpen problems, whats new....
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Price? Midas whale sign Grienke. Price in the playoffs is awful.

Re-sign Grienke, hopefully Ryu comes back healthy, hope to god Joc figures his **** out, a whole season of Seager, trade puig, bring up Julio Urias, and let's run.

Hatcher was solid and I like him as the 8th inning guy. Just need better bullpen arms.
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What managerial candidates are out there?

Scioscia? Not sure he's the kind of guy that will take cue cards from management.

I think they like their servant Mattingly.
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562, you still right there off the 5?

There are no sexy picks for managers out there. Still dumbfounded how they didn't get maddon (said that even before he did what he did with the Cubs). Things seemed to be falling in place, especially since the dorks worked with him in Tampa, but it didn't happen :smh:

Just gotta be careful with what manager you get. Don't want to have a Matt Williams in Washington situation to happen here, especially with the talent and inflated payroll
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i'm a mets fan, all the utley bs aside, i feel for you guys, especially since a good chunk of you are laker fans as well.  living in so cal, i met a few of you guys at past NT dodger stadium summits.  

that said, this was the same narrative with the dodgers.    kershaw and grienke pitch good enough to get the W aside from one mistake.  the bats, aside from turner and gonzalez crap the bed and provide minimal run support.   finding the guy is easier said then done, but they need a hitter with balls that shows emotion and isn't afraid to rip into guys. i read the book on the 88 team. gibson game in and changed the culture of that locker room.   kershaw and grienke (assumng he returns) are studs, but aren't everyday players.   i can't see any of the bats as a leader or a guy on that team that holds people accountable.  that's just my opinion though.
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