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Again?? They came out with these last year, around March I believe.

again? These came out last year around March. I think SNKRS/Nike shocked dropped them. Ended up selling them for about $350 or so.
they never officially dropped (were supposed to on 5/2/20) I’ve been waiting since then

they’re dropping on DR independence day, can’t wait!
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chavs in the UK love those ultra 95s, they are very light weight so when you get chased by the feds you have more chance to get away and dont have to spend a night in jail because you get caught with your asbo behaviour :lol:
With the regular 95's you better give up when you see them :rofl:

Running for a long distance with a regular pair of 95's must be exhausting, one of its defaults with breathability and the "not on rainy days"


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I should've done the same. Someone in here posted a an overseas link for like $230 shipped but I passed assuming they'd restock. Oh well.

Maybe on Air Max day or something. If not, I'm not paying $300 for some AM95's as much as I like these.
Yeah I didn’t really want to pay $230 either but since I still had the money for the retail pair I thought I was going to get on release day or from a restock I thought was going to happen. I didn’t feel as bad paying resale since I’d only be adding $40-45 after tax since the retail was $170 before tax. Tried my best to really justify it:lol: but in all honesty I don’t regret the purchase
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Managed to snag a pair of 2020 neons for $210 worn once. Does the tongue logo from this release bother anyone else?
yeah this is another spit in the face from nike. Makes no sense.

Splitting the colors at the “r/m” was the WHOLE idea for that logo, merging the two words air max in a genius and creative way.

this has to be intentional too. Dudes just getting their rocks off in the nike offices.
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