OFFICIAL 2020-2021 NBA Season Thread: Ben Simmons Off a Perc; Happy Birthday to Cap

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Again, it’s the basketball Hall of Fame, not the NBA Hall of Fame. He has Olympic Gold, NCAA championships in addition to his NBA accolades - 8X all-star and ROY. All NBA six times.
agree. one of the best players that was cut short in their prime. GH was amazing. of course, kids nowadays don't know basketball.
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In terms of the the actual cross, of course we have seen better.

But The whole story is why it was such a big deal. Not just the physical act of yankin Jordan.

It was A young dude showing heart by going at a BAsketball God.
if a young player showing just heart meeting a basketball god, then you have your standards set low. point of that match hype job is marketing Iverson, not because he did something spectacular. he never broke MJ, he never froze MJ, and didn't even lose him in that scenario. another one of those overhype moments is the so-called John Starks dunking on Michael Jordan. again, another media hype job.
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gasol got cinder blocks on his feet
bron's lack of handle showing now that he can't consistently beat guys off the bounce off athleticism/power
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